Aww! Say it ain’t so! Actor David Marciano will no longer be a series regular when Homeland‘s Season 3 returns to Showtime.

Marciano has been playing Virgil, Carrie’s “go to” surveillance guy, since the show’s pilot premiered. The former CIA employee went freelance and aside from being able to do work Carrie doesn’t necessarily want to Agency to know about, Virgil is also someone Carrie knows she can trust. Let me tell you, when it comes to National Security, those true blue folks get to be very few, and with Carrie’s mental health being a question, the list shrinks even more.

The character of Virgil was a recurring one during season 1, but was bumped up to a series regular for the last season, which was season 2. I like Virgil. He’s brutally honest when Carrie needs it and he really knows what he’s doing.

According to Deadline, fans many no longer see Virgil at all, or he may just appear now and again. The jury is still out.

I must say, the actor has a great reason for stepping back from the Emmy Award winning series. As both a writer and producer, Marciano is in the process of developing a cable drama with comedian Steven Pickman a.k.a. Sarge, their manager, Craig Dorfman, and producer Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment.

Do I smell a new comedy on the horizon? The project, which we may hear more about very soon, is said to be based upon a true “criminal enterprise” that operates right out of a prison without impunity. Marciano might star in the drama. That’s right, it is a drama, but what do you want to be some black comedy is involved? In related news, Marciano was in the spotlight when he guest-starred recently in the very contravention Law & Order: SVU episode about “legitimate rape.”

Diego Klattenhoff is also no longer billed as a series regular. We know him best as Mike, Brody’s former best friend, who fell in love with Brody’s wife while Brody was assumed dead. Season 3 will kick off this coming fall.