New Girl Fox

Over the course of New Girl’s second season, there has been the occasional off-hand mention of country/pop singer and occasional actress Taylor Swift. But if you’re like me, then you’ve been reading between the lines, refusing to believe those apparently off the cuff remarks were inconsequential as they were portrayed to be. It was code: Taylor Swift is coming to New Girl. Friends laughed at me: “They’re just making referential humor, Brody. Taylor has better things to do than be on New Girl.” Well, I stand before you vindicated in my beliefs. Taylor Swift is coming to New Girl and there’s actual, credible proof!

And that proof is Entertainment Weekly confirming my months-long suspicions. Swift will be guest-starring in New Girl’s May 14 finale, playing Elaine, a very important guest at Cece and Shivrang’s wedding. Swift is set to begin shooting on set next week. It feels so good to be right about something. But the mystery isn’t over yet. Now we need to figure out why Swift’s character is so important. The way I see it, there are two ways this could go: either this Elaine woman will have some kind of impact on Schmidt, either motivating him to finally move on from Cece or embolden him to keep vying for her heart; or Elaine is just a cover name and Swift will actually be playing herself.

“Why would New Girl bother covering up Swift playing herself?” you ask? It’s all part of the conspiracy! We already know the cast know who Swift is – they’ve been mentioning her all season! You can’t bring on an instantly recognizable celebrity and not have someone pick her out of a crowd. Nope, I’m telling you Jess or somebody else will see her at the wedding and be all like “Taylor Swift! My roommates and I talk about you all the time! Are you friends with Cece?” And she’s totally going to be friends with Cece. Maybe even one of the bridesmaids. This is happening.