It wasn’t too long ago it was announced Pretty Little Liars was getting the franchise treatment with its first spinoff, Ravenswood, and already we’re hearing about the new characters that will be introduced and all the flaws that come with them. Teen dramas just aren’t the same if the characters aren’t as misunderstood as their target demographic claims to be. Being a teenager is difficult, but a better escape there never was than watching fictional teenagers go through way worse hells. Ravenswood adds a little supernatural spin, however, making it twice as interesting.  So what do you say we get to know the first three series regulars?

According to TVLine, the first is Miranda, a feisty, disarming and unconventionally attractive 17-year-old. She’s a fiercely independent foster child with tons of hard-won confidence and plenty of wit to cover up her emotional scars. If you can manage to break through her tough exterior, she’ll be your loyal, fearless friend for life. Abel, a hunk and a 17-year-old lone wolf, has an old soul and a brooding intensity. There’s something seemingly dangerous about him, but it might just be he’s a wounded individual. His trust is hard to earn, but he will never let you down once you’ve earned it. Lastly, we have Olivia, Abel’s twin sister and a former prom queen. Once a carefree and happy teenager, she started questioning what’s really important after a fall from grace. When all her friends turn their backs on her she starts to wonder who her real friends are.

All three of those lovely new characters will be introduced, along with the city of Ravenswood, in Liars’ third-annual Halloween special. We don’t really know how supernatural Ravenswood will be, only that the city is plagued by a curse, but doesn’t Abel’s description make him sound like the perfect candidate for a werewolf? He’s even described as a lone wolf. He’s practically begging for it!