Revenge Two-Hour Finale Promises a Major Death in the Cast?

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Any given series is expected to have a season finale worthy of break room conversations and the best way to achieve such post-airtime chatter is to do something big and hopefully unexpected. The go-to solution is to kill off a major character – and no I do not mean a major recurring character. If you’re going to put a character to death and have it mean something to the viewer, it needs to be one of the series regulars and it has to stick. No fake deaths. No cloning. No dopplegangers. The character should die and stay dead. And make sure you show a body if you can. Nobody wants to come back next season and learn so-and-so was just blown clear of the explosion and survived unscathed. This is the advice I have to any series, but specifically I’m directing this to Revenge.

Series creator Mike Kelley told TVLine we should expect a major character death in Revenge’s two-hour season finale and that, yes, it is one of the regulars and it will be a permanent death. Even better than all that, he assured us the ill-fated person will die within the two hour timeframe, so we won’t have to wait down to the final moments of the episode to see who will kick the bucket. But wait, why tell us this now? Doesn’t that sort of ruin the shock if we’re expecting someone to die?

Yes and no. Sure, we’ll be sitting at the edges of our seats waiting to see who dies, but we still don’t know who it will be. Kelley promised the victim would be surprising, not only to the audience, but to Emily as well. Perhaps that’s a clue. My question is: is Emily surprised because it was someone close to her or because it was an enemy who is suddenly out of her way? I don’t have any evidence to back this up, but my money is on either Conrad or Ashley.

Revenge will air its Season 2 finale May 12.

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