True Blood

What is it about heroines and bad boys? At the end of True Blood, season 5, one such bad boy, the vampire, Eric Northman powered forth to rescue Sookie from certain death. What wonders will season 6 hold? Today’s trailer may spill some secrets as well as some blood. Be careful, you may get splattered.

Sparks literally fly in this heady new teaser. So much is going on! Has any season before had stakes this high? Guns, ghouls, lot’s of running, and a gorgeously bare-chested Alcide are all coming when the show returns to HBO on June 16. Did I fail to mention monster Bill?

The teaser does reveal that the season premier will pick up right where the season 5 finale left off. You do remember, don’t you? Ding dong, the king was killed. Eric put and end to Russell Edgington and saved the faeries.

Nora would have drained Sookie dry, but our favorite Viking vamp prevented that as well. It’s more than safe to say he owes Sookie anyway. Then, Nora, Tara, Sookie, Jason, and of course Eric, plot to overthrow the Authority.

Elsewhere, Alcide finally becomes leader of the pack.

But the main event is back with Sookie and Eric who encounter Bill, who undergoes a frightening transformation. He drinks Lilith’s blood and becomes the worst threat ever imagined. At the last, Eric screams for Sookie to run. And she’s still running in today’s hot new teaser. If Bill had any humanity left, I think it’s gone now. What do you think? And how do you feel about the nickname “Billith”?

Things looks crazier than ever in season 6, but would you have it any other way? As we previously announced, there are a few changes in store. Alan Ball is out. Karolina Wydra is in as the new vampire Violet and likewise Luke Grimes is another new fanged one by he name of James.