If you have kids in your house, then you know all about Sprout. The network makes little child geniuses out of its pint sized viewers, if you ask me. Hopefully more of the same is due to come out of the network when we get a load of their new programming line up, which was freshly revealed.

The network geared toward preschoolers was happy to renew its hit The Chica Show for a second season, according to the Deadline update. So, I know one happy chicken is on the loose. Likewise, LazyTown is getting its own fresh new third season. That means more Sportacus and Stephanie! Not that I watch it myself or anything…

Sprout president Sandy Wax was present at NBC’s Summer Press Day and shared that Sprout’s ratings were still on a steady incline. Sprout is available in over 50 million homes and happens to be co-owned as a partnership of PBS, NBCUniversal, and Apax Funds, with some shows in its aresenal also appearing for fun-filled and educational Saturday mornings on NBC Kids.

Sprout was first planted in 2006 and available exclusively on PBS, but since it has grown into the Sprout digital channel and remains the only preschooler-themed channel that it always, I repeat, always on.

In addition to great kid’s shows, Spout online offers a plethora of games and diversions for youngsters. There are a whole slew of printable coloring pages, which come in handy when you need the little one occupied.

Other show’s Sprout is known for are Super Why and Make Way for Noddy. Brand spanking new additions to the Sprout line up are Tree Fu Tom, Boj and Driftwood Bay. What is a Boj, you may ask? The animated series follows the free-spirited adventures of a 5-year-old-bilby named Boj and a bibly is in fact an Australian marsupial. See, don’t you feel smarter? I know I do.