Supernatural – Curtis Armstrong as God’s Well-Armed Angelic Scribe

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We’ve had our fair share of angels on Supernatural over the past few years and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. When one angel is killed, another soon pops up to take their place. Few stand out in a meaningful way and they all seem to be power hungry, like their demonic counterparts. It’s a little tiring to have Castiel be, really, the only “good” angel. But Supernatural is introducing yet another angel, so perhaps he will be better than his brothers and sisters. He is, after all, the scribe of God. With a job like that he can’t be all that bad, right?

May 1’s ‘The Great Escape” will see the appearance of Curtis Armstrong as Metatron, God’s own personal scribe. TVLine reports Sam and Dean will seek him out in order to fill in the gaps left in Kevin’s research, gaps left open when the young prophet lost his mind and vanished, leaving the brothers on their own and without any knowledge on what the final trial will be. But will Metatron be of any use to them? From the looks of him in the two images released by the CW, he doesn’t get out much. Just look at all those books. And judging by the shotgun he’s wielding, I’d say he’s not all that trusting either.

“The Great Escape” was written by fan-favorite Ben Edlund, giving me some hope this new angel might be worth watching. I’m curious about his job as God’s scribe. What does that entail? Does he write those tablets everyone wants so badly? If he does, that would mean he knows what they say without needing to read them, provided he has a good memory. On the downside, if Sam and Dean just needed to find Metatron to get the skinny on the tablets, it kind of defeats the purpose of Kevin, doesn’t it? He’s just the middleman.

Supernatural CW

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