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Things, as they are inclined to do, are going to get crazy on Sons of Anarchy when it returns for its sixth season. We were left with a lot of big changes in the Season 5 finale – Tara going to jail and Bobby stepping down as VP – and we’re certainly going to see how those changes will affect the rest of the characters going forward. Picking up only days after the finale, Season 6 will put SAMCRO in the sights of its most dangerous adversary yet, but will anybody be ready for him? Kurt Sutter shared what we can look forward to from Sons in his typical fashion of not giving too much away while still hooking your interest.

Speaking with TVLine, Sutter mentioned U.S. Marshal Lee Toric’s (Donal Logue) seven-episode return. He likened him to being a painful thorn in SAMCRO’s side, with a mixture of lawful and outlaw, making him something new the boys haven’t encountered before. Toric will be dead set on taking down SAMCRO thanks to the murder of his sister at the hands of Otto. Tara also had a hand in the murder, which is why she’s behind bars. She was ready to leave and take her boys with her, so seeing in her jail should be an interesting situation for her, especially in regards to her relationship with Jax. Will they be able to fix anything or will this drive them further apart?

There will be a new VP to replace Bobby, but there will also be a new sergeant-at-arms. I have no idea who that might be. Season 6 will also introduce some new characters, including “an old-school shot-caller that’s out of Stockton” and a major female character “in sort of the escort world.” Maybe the new escort-ish lady will somehow bring back Ashley Tisdale’s character. I liked her. For obvious reasons. She was hot. And she had a great personality.