The Bible History Channel

After the momentous success the History Channel and Mark Burnett had with The Bible miniseries, it didn’t take long for a follow-up to begin development. But before a sequel can be made, Burnett has plans to turn the original ten-episode miniseries into a 3-hour movie. Not only does he have it planned, but also the movie is already completed and the only thing standing in its way is it needs to be released. The idea is to release the condensed movie version of The Bible in the fall. Obviously, it won’t have quite the same impact as the miniseries did since it will be cutting out roughly seven hours of footage, but Burnett seems to think people will still want to see it.

Now, getting back to that follow-up series: Entertainment Weekly reported the sequel is in the works, with Burnet confirming he has scripts already. But don’t expect the next miniseries for more than a year. As to what the follow-up would be about, Burnett said it would be set in the same world as The Bible and they would be “filling the void.” I suppose that means they’ll be tackling any stories that weren’t touched on in the first miniseries, such as the story of Job.

The Bible was a huge success for the History Channel. After ending its run on Easter, it became the fastest selling miniseries of all time, which shouldn’t be all that surprising considering how often the Bible is listed on best selling book lists. I can’t help but wonder how many people buying the DVD and Blu-Ray are investing in it because they’re believers or just really liked the show. Burnett calls himself a person of faith and doesn’t consider the show to be just a show, which is a pretty bold statement in this day and age, especially coming from a man in the entertainment industry.