Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars series creator Rob Thomas made history when a film version of his cherished mystery show was finally given the green light thanks to Kickstarter, the fund raising website. Now production is underway and actor Jason Dohring has officially rejoined the cast to appear on the big screen.

Veronica Mars made it to a third season with a cast of characters including Weevil, Parker, Wallace, Piz, Veronica, Keith, Logan, Dick, Mac and Don. Then, 6 years ago the CW canceled the youthful sleuthing drama. It centered around a gutsy, somewhat more grown up, definitely skilled Nancy Drew type, solving crimes in the fictitious seaside town of Neptune, California.

Mars earned a very solid fan base and proved it this year when Rob Thomas used Kickstarter to raise the $2 million needed to fund the film in just one single day. Call them geeks, but Mars fans are loyal and determined it looks like!

The icing on the cake is announcements like today’s, confirmed by TV Line. Dohring is now the third actor to official join the film, following behind Kristen Bell and well, the show’s biggest fan. I call him the show’s biggest fan, because this new cast member won the role of a waiter in the upcoming film by giving a large contribution to the project via Kickstarter. Talk about a dream come true. This waiter will even have a line, or so I hear.

If you liked Dohring’s character, Logan, then we have further good news. He has a central role because he’s close to the film’s central murder. Veronica will become embroiled in an investigation of his pop star girlfriend.

What else can we tell you? When the movie unfolds, Veronica is in a relationship, and the guy she’s dating isn’t her ex, who Thomas said, “she hasn’t seen in nine years.”

Currently, the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project is at around $4.4 million earned. Bell, Ryan Hansen and Enrico Colantoni appeared in the video announcing the exciting online campaign.

We last saw Dohring on the small screen in CW’s Ringer.