Who Will Play The Walking Dead’s Hot New Character?

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For every culling, new seeds are sewn. Yes, it was somewhere around season 2 that I started to worry that my new favorite show, The Walking Dead, would run out of characters like a cheap B-movie. But, throughout the 3 seasons so far, interesting characters have continued to populate the whizzbang series. We are devastated by some key deaths, then voila, katana wielding chicks appear, or some other such newbies. So, brace yourselves Dead heads, because season 4 brings with it another hot new character. Who is Roy Stark and who will play him? Let’s talk the Dead! First, want to discuss the season 3 finale?

TV Line gave us the name Roy Stark. That moniker boggled me a little at first blush, because I thought I was reading a Game of Thrones update. Not so! Insert my chuckle here.

In season 4 of The Walking Dead Stark is our new bad boy, not to be mistaken for a big bad. No, I’m talking more in the vein of the current beloved bad attitude holder, Mr. Daryl Dixon. Not that I want him going anywhere!

AMC has issued casting call to fill the series regular role of Roy Stark. He’ll be a former army medic “who is deeply haunted by his past — pre- and post-zombie apocalypse”. He’s described as a loner with a “charming/self-deprecating/confident public face”. I like him already! It wouldn’t hurt things in my opinion if he were funny. Everyone needs a witty comment now and then.

Male actors calls in their early 30s to mid 40s can go try for an audition for the part.

Robert Kirkman has said that season 4, returning to AMC this October has some changes in store. There will be “big differences” as compared to Season 3, including “new locations and new places to discover and explore.” Might our crew go visit Washington, D.C.? I’m just speculating. It seems David Morrissey will return as the Governor.

Speaking of speculation, TV Line wondered if Roy Stark might be the show’s take on the comic book’s character, Abraham. Hmm…

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