Wilfred FX

After what feels like an eternity, we are finally at a point where news regarding FX’s amazingly bizarre comedy Wilfred is leaking out. While not as wildly talked about as some of FX’s other comedies – Louie and The League come to mind – Wilfred deserves just as much attention for it’s often daring approach to storytelling. And it’s just straight up hilarious to watch a man in a dog suit smoke a bong and bark at vacuum cleaners. Somehow Wilfred is able to make the darkest of situations funny, thanks to Elijah Wood and Jason Gann’s chemistry, but sooner or later Ryan (Wood) will need to figure out what Wilfred (Gann) is, which brings us back to this bit of casting news.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Fringe – who am I kidding, you’ve seen the entire series – you’ll likely recognize Lance Reddick, the tall and imposing man with the incredibly deep voice. Now that Fringe is long gone, Reddick can branch out and do other things, such as bizarre comedies. We last saw Ryan in the second season finale discovering a childhood drawing of Wilfred, bringing into question his sanity, And that’s where Reddick comes in. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Reddick will guest star in Season 3 as Ryan’s therapist, Dr. Blum, a calm, no-nonsense type – the perfect fit for Reddick. I’m very excited to see how Wood and Reddick bounce off each other. Hell, what I really want is to see Reddick interact with Wilfred.

While Season 3 doesn’t have an airdate yet, it’s safe to assume Reddick will appear in the back half of the season. He’ll be filming his scenes this week. David Zuckerman, who adapted the series from its Australian counterpart, stepped down as showrunner at the conclusion of Season 2. Writer/executive producers Reed Agnew and Eli Jorne took over, hopefully to positive effect. I would hate for Wilfred to lose its zest over a staff shuffle.