We have been hot on the trail for clues about the Pretty Little Liars spin-off, Ravenswood and today the picture gets even sharper. The new young adult series has chosen two fresh faces to join the ABC Family cast. They are actors Brett Dier and Elizabeth Whitson.

Ravenswood is a town under the cloud of generations-old curse. In a way, its too bad Tyler Blackburn has to move there, but on the other hand, the transition promises his fans more of Caleb Rivers. So, what might get sticky for Caleb promises to be entertaining for TV viewers. He’s leading us from Pretty Little Liars into the spin-off and Dier and Whitson will meet him there.You may recognize Dier as Brandon Kelly from season 2 of L.A. Complex, The CW’s Canada to Hollywood drama. ¬†As for Whitson, she’s a model turned actress in real life and will help Dier as they bring to life twins Abel and Olivia.

When does this all begin? I have that answer. When Caleb Rivers travels to the town of Ravenswood in the Pretty Little Liars Halloween hour for what the biz calls as backdoor pilot.

Abel is described by THR as “a lone wolf and old soul with a brooding intensity”. He’s loyal, but mysterious.

Olivia is Abel’s twin sister. Once upon a time she was prom queen, but whatever took place has her much less trusting and much more introspective.

Dier’s other credits include Bomb Girls, V and Emily Owens M.D.

If you are gaga for all things Pretty and Little and Liars, then go see the sneak peek video we unveiled just yesterday. Things will continue to get uncomfortable to say the least for our Little Liars in season 4, which officially begins on June 11th. “‘A’ is for A-L-I-V-E” is the name of the season opening episode. Uh oh!