Scott Free AMC

After Ridley Scott’s production company, Scott Free Prods, went into development with AMC back in February for a drama series project based on Dan Simmons best-selling novel The Terror, it seemed like AMC wanted to keep Scott Free around for a while longer. That notion has now turned into a two-year deal, giving AMC first-look at all scripted projects developed and produced by Scott Free. This is the first time Scott Free has done anything like this, as the company is mostly known for their feature films. On top of The Terror, Scott Free has two more projects in development for AMC.

The Terror is set in 1847, when the crew of a Royal Naval expedition is in search of the Northwest Passage in the Arctic. What they actually find is a monstrous predator that stalks the ship. The other two projects are, according to Deadline, an untitled futuristic, dystopian sci-fi saga and Raiders. The sci-fi project comes from executive producer and writer Jason Cahill (Fringe) and producer and prosthetic makeup artist Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead). Nicotero has his own deal with AMC. Raiders is from executive producer and writer Evan Wright (Generation Kill). It’s a WWII drama about a rogue U.S. Navy commander who leads an unconventional warfare unit into the heart of Africa on a mission to bend the arc of history. I suspect there may be some time travel in play.

AMC’s EVP of Original Programming, Joel Stillerman, is very excited about this deal with Scott Free and I can’t say I blame him. AMC has been known for its terrific programming that pushes many boundaries and Scott Free has some very promising – at first glance, anyway – projects in the pipeline. The next two years could prove very fruitful for these two new partners. And it’s fruitful for them, then its fruitful for audiences.

Random final thought: do you think Raiders, when it says it’s looking to bend the “arc” of history, is being literal?