Black Sails: Classic Pirate Imagery Works for this Starz Series

Black Sails Starz

Starz has proved itself to be a champion of period dramas during its push into original programming. From Camelot to Magic City, Spartacus to Da Vinci’s Demons, Starz has never shied away from delving deep into the histories of our world to find gripping stories to tell. The latest series to travel back in time and explore a different era is Black Sails, from executive producer Michael Bay. We’re still more than half a year away from the series’ premiere, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting excited now. To start things off, Starz has put up a few teases for us in the form of some key art and a couple of videos.

The key art for Black Sails, which THR reports is premiering in January 2014, evokes the classic imagery of the skull and crossbones, the universal symbol for pirates, only this image uses a man who is still very much in possession of his skin. It’s a simple reminder that the pirates who sailed under the skull and crossbones were real people. And if Pirates of the Caribbean has taught me anything it’s that anyone can be a pirate, not just bad people.

The teaser videos are down below and a little underwhelming. They’re both 15 seconds long and are really just some text amidst billowing black flags. It won’t hurt to watch them. They certainly set the mood if nothing else.

Black Sails, said to be a prequel set 20 years before Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, follows Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) and his men. Flint, the most feared pirate of his day, will expand his ranks, bringing John Silver (Luke Arnold) into his crew. The series will co-star Zach McGowan, Hannah New, Jessica Parker Kennedy and Clara Pagey. Filming of the eight-episode first season took place in Cape Town, South Africa. Bay is producing the series along with showrunner Jon Steinberg and co-executive producer Robert Levine.

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