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Criminal Minds Renewal in Question Even With Erica Messer’s New Deal

Criminal Minds CBS

UPDATE:  Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook at risk for Criminal Minds season 9?

What’s there to really say about Criminal Minds when it comes to renewal? It’s not a show I particularly enjoy, but do I feel so negatively about it that I would voice indifference to its struggles? Let’s try for a third party mitigator role. The show finds itself at a crossroads of sorts – with the cast having no deals made beyond the current season, ABC Studios needs to grease some wheels in order to get to Season 9, but there’s more than just money keeping the cast from signing new deals. Erica Messer’s contract was up as well, and because she is so well liked, the cast doesn’t necessarily want to work with anyone else. Well, I didn’t italicize that was for no reason.

Deadline reported Messer had signed a new two-year overall deal with ABC Studios, which will ensure she returns as executive producer and showrunner of Criminal Minds. At the very least, the cast can rest easy knowing their favorite boss will still be around. But there’s still the issue of money. Everybody wants a raise and we’re now at the ugly point where negotiations between what the actors want and what the studio is willing to pay begins. Unfortunately, time is of the essence – CBS has its upfront presentation is two weeks. You can’t really renew a show with none of the actors signed on!

The one advantage the studio has is the negotiations are all handled separately. Some actors might be easier to sign than others, in which case CBS could renew Criminal Minds with some of the cast before upfronts and then work on the rest during the summer. A similar situation happened two years when Thomas Gibson didn’t close a deal until late June. And you know what? If it’s too difficult to bring back one or two actors, let them go. They can be replaced.

Still, what are the chances CBS straight up cancels Criminal Minds?

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  1. pam jett

    May 29, 2013 at 12:43 am

    i would hate to see criminal minds canceled. It is one of my favorite shows. I hope they all will renew and not have any new actors on it. The cast is perfect and to change them may hurt the show. Please do all you can to keep in on the air.

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