Dexter Showtime

Is Dexter a monster or an artist? The latest teaser for Dexter’s eighth and final season asks that question. To any normal human being, the obvious answer is he’s a monstrous man who should be stopped, even if he is only killing other serial killers and rapists. But there’s no denying Dexter kills in such a methodical way you could interpret his murders as a form of art. His precision and attention to detail is more akin to a surgeon, but that doesn’t make him any less of an artist. With Season 8 being the last season of the series, will Dexter set out to create his masterpiece?

The sneak peek is one of the better videos Dexter has ever released. I literally got chills when the camera starting pulling back, revealing the portraits off all of Dexter’s most prominent victims. There’s Brian Moser, Trinity, Miguel Prado, and Lila, among other recognizable faces. Seeing them all there like that is such a strong reminder of just how many people Dexter has killed and the work he’s put into seeing them taped to his slab. But his work isn’t done quite yet. There are still other killers out there and any day now his cover could be blown. Dexter will need to create an elaborate piece of death if he wants to make it out of Season 8 alive.

And just who will end up as part of his masterpiece? With LaGuerta dead, Batista will likely want to know who murdered his former lover; little does he know it was Deb. Oh, Deb. She’s knows what Dexter is and regrets saving his life, wishing she’d killed Dexter instead. She could turn on her brother at anytime, making her life forfeit. And let’s not forget Dexter’s ex-girlfriend Hannah. She’ll be popping up again after escaping from prison. Who knows who else might become a loose end during the course of the final season?