Dexter Showtime

The latest trailer for Dexter’s eighth and final season takes us deeper into Deb’s breakdown than we’ve ever gone before and it’s not a pretty sight. Up to this point, we knew Deb regretted her last minute decision to save Dexter’s life and murder LaGuerta instead and could possibly picked up a drinking problem, but that was only scratching the surface of all that’s wrong with her life now. She’s got so many drugs in her system – we see her doing a line of something – it’s hard to keep track of all the pill bottles. And the drinking is still present, as we see her get into an accident, confirmed to be the results of driving under the influence.

It’s amazing how quickly Deb’s life has turned to shit and yet Dexter continues living without empathy for what he’s done to his sister. Deb’s emotions, however they may have crippled her, make her so much more dangerous to Dexter than any of his previous victims. Because she’s capable of feeling guilty she’s likely to fess up to what she did. In fact, we see her approach Quinn, mumbling about wanting to make an official statement. About what, I wonder? Is she ratting on Dexter, or just turning herself in?

On top of Deb, Dexter will have his hands full with yet another killer on the loose. This new case will lead to the introduction of Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a neuro-psychiatrist who knows all about psychopaths. Will she see Dexter for what he is? The trailer seems to suggest some suspicion with a scene where she asks Dex about the Bay Harbor Butcher. And later on, Dexter has her up against a wall rather threateningly. This season is going to be quite a wild ride as we wait to see if Dexter will finally have his true nature exposed to Miami Metro. My fingers are crossed, hoping that he is.