The Dark Tower Netflix

Amid talk of Arrested Development, executive producer and narrator Ron Howard has found time to dish out a morsel of information regarding his television adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower book series. For a time it seemed like the potential series might’ve found a home at HBO, but that ship has seemingly sailed. Where could The Dark Tower wind up now that it’s available for pick up? There’s always the newest fad: a subscription based streaming service like Netflix. And with Howard already building a relationship with the service via Arrested Development, Netflix might be the most obvious choice for The Dark Tower.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, has admitted to he has spoken with Howard about The Dark Tower and where it might end up, but they won’t speak more until after the launch of Arrested Development. I’m a big supporter of original content on streaming services – it really is the future of viewing television – so I’m hopeful Netflix will pick up The Dark Tower. Adapting the series, consisting of eight novels, would be a huge undertaking, one that practically rules out a potential film adaptation. The sheer scope of it lends itself more to episodic television, and since original content of Netflix isn’t bound by time restraints the way networks are, you can have the episodes be as long as they need to be to make a particular episode work.

Plus, if you release the entire season all at once, subscribers can watch it at their own pace – one episode a week or all at once. Plenty of avid TV junkies already watch TV that way. Many of my friends opt to wait for a new season to air in its entirety so they can watch it without any interruption. It’s because this is becoming the popular way to watch TV that I see Netflix – and other services like it – as the future of programming.