House of Cards Season 2 Stacks Deck With Mad Men, Deadwood Actors

House of Cards

What’s better than a second season of House of Cards on Netflix? New cast members of course! The fierce political drama is coming back and the deck will be stacked with new actors, to include Mad Men actor, Sam Page and Deadwood lady, Molly Parker.

We don’t know yet if Page and Parker are appearing in multiple episodes, but the TVLine exclusive was quick to remark on how great these additions would be to the already stellar cast.

We agree! It did not take me long to binge on all 13 episodes of the show’s first season, which I streamed instantly as a Netflix subscriber. Directed by David Fincher and based upon the older British drama of the same name, House of Cards shows audiences the slimy side of politics, including every back door deal, every double cross and even ever murder.

That already stellar cast includes star, Kevin Spacey as the devil himself. No, not literally. But his character, Frank Underwood has ambition and he will manipulate anyone, even the President of the United States, to get what he wants. He’s always five moves ahead of everyone else, he knows which card to play in any given situation, and he’s never afraid to get his hands dirty.

As his equally determined and prickly wife, Claire, is the always indomitable Robin Wright. On the surface they have the perfect marriage. Its a partnership based on a give and take and keeping up appearances. But affairs are allowed. Is that a dream come true, or a nightmare?

Speaking of affairs, my favorite actor on the show is Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes, an intrepid young reporter who pursues a relationship with Frank to get inside scoops in Washington. But it has been Corey Stoll’s performance that really floored me. Please give that man an Emmy already!

As for our newcomers, details on their characters are under wraps. Parker also appeared a few times as Doomsday’s sister on Dexter and NBC’s The Firm, while Page appeared on Switched at Birth.

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