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John Barrowman To Host Sing Your Face Off


At first blush, I’d definitely stand up high upon a soap box and tell the world that we really don’t need another reality singing competition. Isn’t viewership way down on the big ones anyway? What can anybody do to make vocal contests more interesting? Add John Barrowman? Say what!? Now you’ve got my attention Sing Your Face Off.

Is it April Fool’s Day? Sing Your Face Off can’t be a real series title. And yet,  EW confirms that ABC has signed judges, cast and a host for the new competition series.

Before you ask me if Barrowman, star Torchwood and Arrow can sing, let me explain something, Barrowman has signed on to host the series. The guy is so talented that I wouldn’t be surprised if he could sing anyway.

He’s the other twist (if you consider Barrowman hosting an American reality show a twist). Like Dancing with the Stars, the new show pits five celebrity contestants against each other as each takes on the identity of an iconic music performer every week.

The judges are former Saturday Night Live cast member Darrell Hammond and pop singer Debbie Gibson. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

Sing Your Face Off has already chosen the show’s first contestants. Ex-Skid Row frontman and heavy metal singer Sebastian Bach, comedian Jon Lovitz, Toronto Raptors player Landry Fields, teenage Disney Channel actress and singer China Anne McClain and former soap star Lisa Rinna will all compete. Now I have to ask…can Jon Lovitz sing? I guess I’ll find out soon. I suppose singing isn’t the only important skill. If our contestants are impersonating an icon, some acting and costume will also come to play.

Barrowman is qualified to host in case you were wondering. He has hosted been presenter for man unscripted shows in the UK.

The six-episode Sing Your Face Off series is produced by Endemol USA with Georgie Hurford-Jones of America’s Got Talent.

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  1. uumama

    May 22, 2013 at 3:36 am

    Sasha Nova – Whoa…I’m surprised that you don’t know for sure (;>)) whether Barrowman can sing or not. YES, YES, and again YES, Barrowman can really sing very well! His first career is as a musical theatre star, mostly in UK and Europe. He has been a lead actor in over twenty (20) productions mostly in the UK, but was on Broadway in 1998-1999 in “Putting It Together”, a Stephen Sondheim compilation of his most famous songs co-starring with Carol Burnett. He also starred in a revival of Sondheim’s “Company” in the lead role of Bobby at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC in 2002. He’s starred in several Andrew Lloyd Webber productions. And he’s released seven (7) albums over the years as well. Some are compilations, some are covers. He’s also had four concert tours of the UK.

    He’s a quadruple talent in that he acts, sings, dances, and is an accomplished television host or presenter(UK lingo). He also won the Christmas special 2010 of the original version of DWTS in the UK called “Strictly Come Dancing”. And most think that his weakest talent is dancing…go figure.

    If you want to hear him sing, just go to YouTube and look him up. There are several dozen video clips from his show “Tonight’s the Night” (BBC series 2009-2011) and from his concert tours. Those in North America seem to remember the last few projects he’s done which is his role as the villain Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer in CWTV’s “Arrow” or his most famous role as Captain Jack Harkness in “Torchwood” and “Doctor Who”. This is an entertainer who is on the rise here in USA. He is that talented!

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