He’s been attacked on stage, on again and off again with Selena Gomez, but now, Justin Bieber is on The Simpsons. Hey, life gets busy when you’re an international super star. And getting animated is just one of the perks. We have him in ink.

World tour or none, we have it on good authority that Justin Bieber will be in Springfield this coming weekend. Bieber will play himself in Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons on Fox. The exclusive sneak peak came from EW. Hmm. Does today’s image really look like the superstar? I guess its difficult to capture the star’s hair in 2D.

Sunday’s episode is titled “The Fabulous Faker Boy”. It is scheduled to air on Fox at 8 PM. “He tries to get into a talent show that Bart is playing piano in and they won’t admit him,” suggested The Simpsons executive producer, Mr. Al Jean. He added, “Draw your own conclusions.” Or, you can just check in and see for yourself this weekend.

Bieber’s cameo is part of The Simpsons, season 24. Well known for hosting fun guest stars, this season has already seen Edward Norton, Wanda Sykes, George Takei, Danny DeVito, Rashida Jones, Zooey Deschanel, Max Weinberg, Benedict Cumberbatch, The Decemberists, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, Al Roker and Sarah Silverman among others.

In the “The Fabulous Faker Boy” you can also expect most of the antics to spring from Bart’s interest in a beautiful young piano teacher. Meanwhile, Homer struggles with hair loss issues.

Donwton Abbey is also in the headlines here at Boomtron, and if you’re a fan, keep an eye out for the May 19 episode of The Simpsons. Marge Simpson will be tempted during this installment by Ben, a charming newcomer who she bonds with over the shared appreciation for a Downton Abbey-esque period drama. Doh!