The main cast of Ravenswood, the upcoming Pretty Little Liars spin-off is finally complete. Beauty and the Beast actress Nicole Gale Anderson recurs on the ABC Family remake and will jump to series regular status for the exciting new spin-off. Lucky us! Let’s review who our new characters are, shall we? Just recently I filled you in about the twins. Abel is “a lone wolf and old soul with a brooding intensity”. He’s loyal, but mysterious. Olivia, his twin sister was once prom queen, but whatever went down during those golden days has left her much less trusting and much more introspective.

In the roles of Abel and Olivia are Brett Dier and Elizabeth Whitson. They join Pretty Little Liars hottie, Tyler Blackburn, whose character, Caleb Rivers, will help transition fans from the flagship series into the mysterious spin-off, which deals with a centuries old town curse. Cue the dramatic music, please!

The last of our four main roles is Miranda, described as a feisty, disarming and unconventionally attractive 17-year-old. She’s a fiercely independent foster child with emotional scars but enough confidence to cover them up most of the time. The role of Miranda has gone to Nicole Gale Anderson, who EW plays the younger sister of Kristin Kreuk’s Catherine on the CW’s Beauty and the Beast. Anderson also appeared on ABC Family’s Make It or Break It.

We also have more information today on how the transition will go down. Actress Meg Foster will appear in the sixth episode of the fourth season of Pretty Little Liars as a resident of Ravenswood. In this episode, two members of the Liars gang will find themselves in “the mysterious town while on the trial of a clue”. But Caleb will move to the town, anchoring us there for the new series. Then the Liars Halloween episode will swing right into the Ravenswood series premiere.