Wonderland, the buzzy new Once Upon a Time spin-off is a go! There’s a green light and we have new details about the fantasy series, which brings to mind all things Lewis Carroll.

The key word to remember when considering the new spin-off is the word crossover. Fans can expect elements of Once Upon a Time to crossover into Wonderland episodes and Wonderland elements to cross back onto the flagship series’ content.

That’s not to say that you can’t just follow one series if you prefer it over the other. We don’t want anyone to get lost just because they can’t tune in for both ABC dramas. On the contrary, EW is reporting just how important it is to the network that Wonderland can stand on its own two feet and form its own following and identity, separate from Once Upon a Time. Rightfully so! These are two shows, not one show that airs twice a week.

Still, you can understandably expect the two shows to “cross their creative streams at some point.” This could actually become a facet to be excited about. It all reminds me of comic book collecting. Sometimes a different super hero team’s book would show the same situation as another’s. That way, the reader would get different sides of the same story and major events in the shared world could affect multiple teams and characters. It really can get very fun, though no one is obligated to delve to the deepest levels if they choose not to.

The new report suggests that Wonderland‘s pilot will begin in Storybrooke. And that makes sense. You want to carry viewers from the familiar into new territory. There has to be a transition, otherwise the second series isn’t really a spin-off.

Once, of course, airs on Sundays, but Wonderland will hit on Thursday nights. A popular time slot for sure!

This could become quite the series. They say only about 19 minutes of footage has been created even though Wonderland debuts in December. The spin-off got a full series order and the pilot isn’t even in the can yet.