With season 8 of Dexter coming out this summer and ending the killer series forever, star Michael C. Hall is setting his sights on future projects. We have details on his next project. Its another partnership with Showtime, but this time Hall may stay behind the scenes. He has just been named as executive producer for an adaption of Matthew Specktor’s novel, entitled American Dream Machine.

I’ll admit, that title doesn’t give me any warm fuzzies, but let’s delve deeper shall we? The book was freshly released this spring and tells the story of a talent agent working in the Hollywood era of the 1970s. He’s a father and in also following the lives of his troubled sons, we have “two generations of Hollywood royalty” covered, according to THR. Calling it also a “sweeping narrative about fathers and sons” brings to mind quality period studies like HBO’s a five-part miniseries, Mildred Pierce. That one was also based upon a novel, by the by.

Showtime has named Hall as an executive producer for the developing series, which will re-team him with current Dexter showrunner, Scott Buck. Buck will supervise the script, which Specktor, the author of the original novel, is also writing. Seems like it is in the right hands, in that case. Do you think this series could be Showtime’s Mad Men? It’s possible.

The good word is that Hall is considering a small role for himself, which sounds terrific to me, but he’s still more interested in working behind the scenes. He must have been bitten by the bug, so to speak. The actor recently directed a Dexter episode, presumably one to debut in season 8.

Speaking of the new season, we unveiled some promo art yesterday. We’ve heard chatter that that Dexter execs might consider a spin-off featuring or focusing on Debra Morgan, acted by Jennifer Carpenter. Whether the feisty actress is in a spin-off or not, I say a series with her at the front is way overdue. She’s crazy watchable.