Teen Wolf

MTV has finally released the full trailer for Teen Wolf season 3 and you’ll have a howling good time if you give the video a little watch now. The series returns, more thrilling than ever, beginning June 3rd.

The last time the show delivered video, it came in the form of a rather dramatic teaser. In that promo, showrunners show Tyler Posey’s Scott McCall drowning as a metaphor for the very deep, dark waters he’s traversing in his new life a werewolf.

Here’s what we already know about the upcoming summer season. Season 3 will introduce the brand spanking new characters, acted by Charlie Carver, Max Carver, Adelaide Kaine and Felisha Terrell. The Carvers are real life brothers whose acting credits include Desperate Housewives. The guys will be playing two of our very scary Alpha pack members. Remember, the end of season 2 introduced this dominant pack, made up entirely of Alphas.

But what could be worse? Will be that the Alpha pack wants to kill Tyler or that they want to recruit him? Either way, our favorite lacrosse player is in for a heck of a time. And what happens if who the Alphas really target is wants Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek? Dun dun dun. I could argue, who wouldn’t want Derek?

Did you forget to DVR some of last season’s episodes? Naughty, naughty! Well, here’s one solution. MTV has plans to release an hour-long recap special, to air on May 27. Not only will the hour catch you up on the goings on from season 2, but fresh new interviews from the cast will be included, along with a special sneak peek at the fun in store during the new season.

The only other morsel we have to bit down on is that showrunner Jeff Davis has stated he wants to beef up the horror factor for season 3, so look out world, because here it comes.

Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 3 at 10 p.m. ET.