The Killing AMC

I’ve been coming to grips with The Killing’s resurrection over the last few months, though the process has been slow and arduous .It’s just not a show I look back on with fond memories, which makes looking forward to the new season, even with all the intriguing story ideas I’ve heard, seem an impossibility. It turns out, however, all I really needed was to see something that would solidify my faith in a better future. It isn’t much, but it’s enough to at least shed some of my fears, the big one being Season 3 won’t have changed at all. But just looking at the new poster tells me there will be big changes coming. Whether they are good or bad remains to be seen, but at least the series didn’t stubbornly remain the same.

The image, which depicts Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) standing in front of a group of blurry street kids – Cate Sproule, Max Fowler, Julia Sarah Stone and Bex Taylor Klaus – comes from TVLine and you should immediately sense the difference from what it advertises and what we’ve known before. While Linden looks much the same, Holder stands out as a new man. A year has gone by since he and Linden finally solved the drawn out Rosie Larsen case, a year with Holder working without Linden as his partner, and he was matured. No longer the cop fresh from narcotics, he looks like a bona fide detective now, and the look suits him.

Season 3 will find Holder on the search for a runaway girl, which leads him to a string of murders related to an investigation from Linden’s past. Aside from Enos and Kinnaman, the new season will have all new series regulars to play with and hopefully none of them will be as annoying as the Larsens were. The show owes its renewal to Netflix, which closed a deal with Fox Television Studios giving Netflix exclusive streaming rights to the third season. Netflix will stream Season 3 approximately three months after the finale airs on AMC.