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It turns out everybody working on The Office’s final season are a bunch of liars. From early on in the show’s final season, there has been buzz about a possible return for Steve Carell and his character, Michael Scott. The former lead left The Office near the end of the seventh season in the episode “Goodbye, Michael” and hasn’t been seen since. Now in its ninth and final season, old faces have turned up to say their goodbyes and the series finale will see the return of even more, including Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak. But whenever Carell’s name is brought up, the idea of his return is immediately shot down.

But according to TVLine, whenever executive producer Greg Daniels, or even Carell himself, denied any chance of a reappearance of Michael Scott it was flat out lies. Apparently Carell will be putting in some kind of appearance, made all the more believable by his highly publicized visits to the set during the filming of the series finale. Daniels has said he felt Michael Scott’s farewell in “Goodbye, Michael” was a suitable send off for the character and didn’t want him to overshadow the deserved endings of the rest of the characters in the finale. You can check out a gallery of images from the Office finale now.

If you can read between the lines from what Daniel’s said you can see he’s saying Carell won’t overshadow anyone in the finale. He’ll make a quick cameo and than duck out so everyone else can have their day. And really, isn’t that what fans want? I think we can all agree “Goodbye, Michael” was a the perfect goodbye for Carell, but it would feel wrong if we didn’t see him one more time before The Office ends for good. We just want to know he’s doing ok, if he and Holly have any kids yet, or if he’s become the manager of another business. For me, I just want to know he’s the same loveable, tactless buffoon he always was.