TNT’s headline is looking all kinds of right this week. Michael Bay? Good. Apocalypse? Good. Action? Good. Drama? Good. We’re ready and so is the network. They’ve given an official 10-episode series order to The Last Ship.

“The Last Ship has all the elements of a big Hollywood blockbuster, from its epic storytelling to its top-notch cast headed by the perfect leading man, Eric Dane,” said TNT’s head of programming Michael Wright.

Now that’s a name that sound ring some bells. The Private Practice and Burlesque star is headlining the new series from Bay, producer of the Transformers big screen franchise.

The Last Ship is one of two pilots at TNT that were awaiting a series order, reported Deadline. Legends, the second one, hasn’t received official word yet.

The series with the green light is based upon the William Brinkley novel of the same name and will premiere in 2014. Assisting Bay are his partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. Showrunners will be Hank Steinberg of Without A Trace and Steven Kane from The Closer. This pair also teamed up to write the series pilot, which was directed by Jonathan Mostow.

So, what’s The Last Ship all about? “The story opens with a global catastrophe that nearly decimates the world’s population.” The Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James is spared because of its location at sea. It literally becomes, The Last Ship.

The crew and its captain are confronted with that they are some of the last living people on the planet. Do any of you have misgivings about how well this series will take hold, given the cancellation of Last Resort?

TNT doesn’t show signs of doubt. “Michael Bay and his fellow executive producers have shaped William Brinkley’s story and characters into an exceptional drama full of action, suspense, tragedy and triumph,” said TNT’s Michael Wright.

Dane plays Tom Chandler, the courageous Navy Ship Captain. Rhona Mitra is Rachel Scott, a “strong-willed, intelligent and fearless paleomicrobiologist”. She appears to be the female lead. Adam Baldwin is Slattery, the ship’s number two who doesn’t always march to Captain Chandler’s same beat. Tracy Middendorf was cast as Darien Chandler, the Captain’s wife.