Toy Story of Terror ABC

Ever since Toy Story 3 came and went, Pixar has been keeping it’s flagship franchise alive through various short films, which I think is a whole lot better than making a fourth film. I feel like the story of Woody and his friends came to a perfect conclusion and to continue that would cheapen that ending. But these shorts are a different matter – they’re new stories used for fun, just to check in on these characters from time to time without starting a new emotional journey. Pixar is taking its short films one step further by airing a 30-minute special on ABC.

Normally Pixar puts its shorts in front of its new feature length movies, but since 30 minutes is much too long the only logical place is on a network. The special, called Toy Story of Terror, will air in October, near Halloween says TV guide. As such, it will be horror themed, but don’t think it will be too scary for your children to watch. It will be sufficiently light-hearted while staying true to the genre and not at all too scary for kids.

The special will include the original cast such as Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen), Mr. Potato Head (Don Rickles) and Rex (Wallace Shawn), but Jessie (Joan Cusack) will figure prominently, giving her some room to show some growth. Also featured are toys introduced in Tory Story 3, Mr. Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton) and Trixie (Kristen Schaal), with a new character, Combat Carl, voiced by Carl Weathers.

The toys are going on a fun road trip to see Bonnie’s grandma, but a flat tire sends everyone to a night in a hotel. One of the toys goes missing and a mysterious sequence of events needs to be solved otherwise the rest could suffer the same fate. The special will be the first time we see what life with Bonnie is really like and will explore the relationships between the new and old toys.