True Blood HBO

If you aren’t familiar with the past five years of True Blood then you might be missing out on something special. This show has been a gathering place for all who are fans of vampires, werewolves and eroticism for years now and it promises to continue to be such a thing for many more. Season 6 will be airing on HBO this summer, premiering June 16, but there’s still plenty of time to catch up on the previous seasons. In fact, Season 5 was just released for purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray for your home entertainment and we have a small sneak peek at one of the special features that comes with the set.

If you aren’t caught up, you can still watch the quick clip – it doesn’t spoil anything from the season, only going into a small amount of detail on how the design of one of the sets was settled upon. Alan Ball introduces production designeer Suziki Ingerslev who was given the task of designing the Vampire Authority headquarters. She was told by ball to create something both ancient and contemporary – an interesting challenge and one Ingerslev was up for. At the time, she relates, she was in Istanbul and visited the Sunken Palace, which eventually served as a big inspiration for the Authority HQ. You can see the pillars of the Sunken Palace were integrated into the set, giving it this weird sense of being thousands of years old, yet the walls tell the story of a younger building. It’s a job well done.

It’s short, but it is only a teaser after all. If you want to see more of this and other bonus features, you’ll have to pick up True Blood Season 5. Rewatch it and the other seasons and you’ll be primed for the new season. I would start now if you can, time is running out.