The situation is looking quite dire in True Blood’s sixth season, with vampire kind being perceived as the clear and present danger in Louisiana. Whether or not they actually are is up for debate, but whatever you or I might think about Eric, Jessica, Bill and any other vampire we’ve gotten to know over the years – and this includes shapeshifters as well – people like Governor Burrell just don’t want to hear it. It’s with that ignorance Burrell will launch his assault on the supernatural creatures of the world and you can hear his rousing speech in the latest trailer for the upcoming season.

Burrell makes some very good points during his speech, even if he is taking things quite literally when he notes the oath he swore – to protect the people of the state of Louisiana – did not encompass vampires and werewolves. He’s not wrong, but he’s still an asshole. But this attack on the supernatural, which includes shutting down any and all businesses run by vampires (poor Pam), comes from a place of fear and anger. The people of Louisiana shouldn’t be afraid to walk the streets at night. They should feel safe and there absolutely have been vampires who preyed on innocent people. When you look at the situation that way, you can see some justification in what Burrell is doing.

But I don’t think militarizing the people is the answer. Telling everyone to stock up on guns and wooden bullets is just asking for trouble. Just as the normal people have a right to defend themselves, so do vampires. Blood will be spilt on both sides, as is always the case in war. And yes, no one lives forever. I don’t know which side will win in the long run – there might not even be a victor considering how crazy Bill has become. It seems to me like taking Bill down might be something that unites people and vampires. He’s a much bigger threat than anything else right now.