Warehouse 13 Syfy

Warehouse 13 is a prime example of how cruel the world is, but also how sweet it can be. When it first premiered in 2009, it pulled in respectable numbers for a Syfy series. Flash forward to the present, when Warehouse 13 is in the middle of airing its fourth season, and its numbers are half of what they used to be. Why am I bringing this up? Well, because Warehouse 13 was canceled and I’m trying to find justification for giving the axe to a series that, for all intents and purposes, was doing great creatively. I keep coming back to the dwindling viewer count. But I did say this was an example of cruelty and sweetness – there’s a silver lining.

Not only is Warehouse 13 finishing off its current season, but it was also renewed for a fifth and final season. Deadline reported Season 5 would definitely be the last and only run for six episodes, enough for the writers to wrap up the whatever dangling plot threads they might have at the conclusion of Season 4. It’s also too few a number of episodes for low ratings to really matter. If you don’t buy that the ratings are what led to Warehouse 13’s death, may I present to you an alternate theory I’ve been working on?

A couple of weeks ago, I’m pretty sure I stumbled upon a Syfy conspiracy to make former Eureka star Colin Ferguson the mascot – of sorts – for the network. He would slowly, over time, take over the lead roles on all the shows currently on the schedule – Haven seems like it will be the first victim in this mass rebranding. Perhaps Warehouse 13 was an obstacle that needed to be removed in order for Ferguson’s ascension to continue. It’s possible fans of the series would never buy Ferguson coming out of nowhere of making him the star, so Syfy had to get rid of the show entirely and will replace it with something already starring Ferguson from the very beginning. It’s complicated, but it would work.