Wonder Woman Prequel Pilot Still Happening on the CW?

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I can already feel my cynicism taking over as I look over my notes for this article about the CW’s Wonder Woman prequel series, Amazon. Full disclosure: aside from Batman, I have zero love for the heroes of the DC Comics universe. Superman, Flash, Green Lantern – I’ll pass on all of them. So it is completely beyond my understanding why Wonder Woman has been sought after these last few years as a potential television series. First we had that Adrianne Palicki pilot on NBC in 2011, and then the series went to the CW, but was re-imagined as an origin story for Diana Prince before she becomes a super hero. So it would be the Smallville of Wonder Woman.

Allan Heinberg, according to THR, wrote the script, but he is no longer involved in any rewrites. Instead, Aron Eli Coleite will be writing the next draft, with CW president Mark Pedowitz saying the project is still a priority and will be moved off-cycle if the script is what it needs to be for the project to move forward. He also said Wonder Woman is a tricky DC character to get right, which I suppose is an explanation for why it’s taking so long for a series to happen. Apparently nobody sees this as a giant flashing sign saying “This shouldn’t happen.”

Should this pilot get its act together and manage to impress the CW enough to get a series order, I won’t be surprised. The CW has been in love with super heroes ever since Smallville and has been trying to keep that relationship with DC Comic characters ever since. I’ve heard good things about Arrow, which utilizes the Green Arrow character, but still have no intention to watch it. Like I said, I just can’t handle DC super heroes.

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