The Fall

Are you ready to see Gillian Anderson in a hot new thriller? She’s got one sinister bad guy to chase in The Fall, a psychological thriller coming to BBC Two on May 13 and to Netflix on May 28. I am so ready for this miniseries! Anderson is joined by actors from Once Upon A Time and The Good Wife!

There’s nothing quite like a good detective yarn. I’m already indebted to Netflix for helping to bring back AMC’s The Killing, a particularly atmospheric crime thriller. Now I can also thank the streaming giant for delivering the former X-files actress in The Fall. You can bet I’ll devour all five episodes of the British neo-noir in just a few sittings, given that all five will be available starting May 28.

There were two big reasons, by the way, that I was very eager to check out NBC’s new late night thriller, Hannibal. The first was actor Mads Mikkelsen. I happen to be his biggest fan. The second was Gillian Anderson, who showrunner Bryan Fuller tapped to play Lecter’s own psychotherapist. I have to say, however, Hannibal is an ambitious but slightly odd drama and now I worry that it won’t see a second season. Needless to say, I’m annoyed that my Gillian Anderson fix is in danger. The news of this miniseries comes as a welcome reprieve.

We’ve got a trailer for The Fall just for you and I think you’ll find it is quality work, well done. I like the idea that our killer, who is sexually motivated, a hunter of women, doesn’t even seem to realize how intently he is being hunted himself. His hunter, of course, is Anderson’s “highly driven detective”. The playing field? This is interesting. It isn’t London. It’s Belfast.

I’ll bet you recognize our killer. That’s Once Upon A Time‘s Jamie Dornan. I’ll bet his appearance is a wish come true for his fans. And just when you thought this gem couldn’t get any better, The Good Wifes Archie Panjabi was also cast. The series is written and executive produced by Allan Cubitt.