The Walking Dead AMC

With The Walking Dead ranking as AMC’s most watched program, consistently breaking its own records for no other reason than because it can, I’m not surprised with AMC’s tactics for promoting the series’ fourth season so many months ahead of its scheduled premiere this October. When you have a big hit like this, you don’t want to lose any traction. That’s where promotion comes in. Maybe, just maybe, if we pump the viewers we already have with tantalizing promotional material, they’ll be less like likely to turn away from the show. That’s exactly where the teaser video below comes in.

AMC wants everyone – and I mean literally everyone in the entire world – to know about The Walking Dead and how freaking good it is. Your opinions be damned, The Walking Dead is the best TV show. That’s the message I’m reading from this video and it’s a strong one. AMC isn’t fooling around, bringing in faces like Greg Nicotero, the show’s zombie make-up artist and executive producer, to talk about how awesome the Season 4 premiere is. Scott Gimple, the new showrunner, wrote the premiere and everyone in the video can’t stop gushing about how great it is. I’m inclined to believe them since, as mentioned, Gimple wrote last season’s “Clear,” my favorite episode of the entire series thus far.

But Gimple isn’t the only subject. Nicotero is the director of the premiere and there’s a funny story about how he was offered the job that involves a dropped call and an elevator. It’s amusing to hear.

So what do we take away from this? AMC still has a lot of faith in The Walking Dead and isn’t ready for it to stop breaking records. Perhaps the network is pushing its luck, but Gimple just might have what it takes to take the series even further than any showrunners who came before him. Season 4 might just be the best season yet.