Anger Management

Finally, we have an Anger Management story for you that isn’t intensely negative. The FX comedy is missing its female lead right now, and there are only 3 episodes left in season 2. But Charlie Sheen’s on screen arch nemesis is acted by Brian Austin Green, who we have learned is now upgraded to series regular status.

Green is the object of Charlie’s loathing because he is Charlie’s ex-wife’s current boyfriend and beating him to a bloody pulp has also gotten Charlie into hot water. The character was introduced in the series’ first episode last year, reminded Deadline and recently came on back to the set for two more episodes this season, which were part of Anger Management‘s 90-episode back order.

The show really has had some wild and cool guest stars, including Sheen’s real life dad, Martin Sheen, and his real life ex Denise Richards. Stars like Cee Lo Green and Lindsay Lohan have also been in the mix. Lohan and Sheen have a thing or two in common, mostly that they are both trouble makers.

Brian Austin Green has been seen on The Wedding Band on TBS, on ABC’s Happy Endings, and on the now cancelled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Of course the biggest news of the Anger Management series right now is the nasty firing of female lead, Selma Blair via profane text message. Way to be professional, Charlie. To that Sheen might counter that backstabbers don’t deserve professional treatment. Multiple reports suggest Sheen was a widdle bit hurt by his sexy co-star’s recent behavior, but that is just speculation. What we know for sure is there is an open casting call for a hot and tempting replacement to serve up new romantic tension for Charlie’s character. For more details, check out our last report on the matter.

In other news, hey, I uncovered another family tie on the set of Anger Management. Renée Estevez, Sheen’s sister, wrote the April episode called “Charlie’s Patients Hook Up”.