Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods fans will be seeing plenty more of Danny’s newest partner, Detective Maria Baez, because actress Marisa Ramirez has been officially boosted into series regular status.

Danny is of course brought to life by Donnie Wahlberg in the CBS series. Not so long ago, his partner was Detective Jackie Curatola, acted by the beautiful Jennifer Esposito. This, my friends, is the bitter side of what is very sweet news for Ramirez.

I’m a big fan of Esposito, who has had a tumultuous few years, which led up to her finally getting diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Many can argue that the network treated the actress unfairly when they booted her from the series due to an illness that is beyond her control. There are two sides to every dispute however. The actress scolded CBS publicly for what she called “shameful” behavior.

I was hoping the break from Blue Bloods, no matter how uncivil, might open the door to a new project for Esposito, who I adore as a comedian. I still watch Samantha Who? reruns to see her at her comedic best.

Well, a door did open and Esposito is said to be filming a reality show all about her new Jennifer’s Way Bakery. a gluten-free lifestyle is the only reprieve for those suffering from Celiac disease.

As for Ramirez, her character was introduced to the crime drama through a recurring arc at the end of season three and we leader of her bump to series regular through THR.

“It all still feels a bit surreal,” Ramirez told THR. “From the first day, everyone was so welcoming. Working with Donnie and the cast and crew of Blue Bloods can spoil a girl. Total pros, each and every one, and all so supportive. I just enjoyed every minute. Truly, I never dreamed I would be coming back as a regular. To say I am grateful is an understatement.”

Ramirez wasn’t the only female leads given a shot to replace Esposito opposite Mr. Wahlberg. Megan Ketch enjoyed a four-episode stint and Megan Boone acted in three also.

Wondering where else you’ve seen Ramirez? She has been spotted on Body of Proof, Against the Wall, Spartacus and The Young and the Restless.

Blue Bloods returns to Fridays this fall.