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For its seventh and final season, Burn Notice is bringing back one of Michael’s biggest enemies, a decision that is fitting since, you know, this is the last season the show will ever have so any scores to be settled should be settled now. It shouldn’t take much mental power to pin point which enemy Michael would most likely need to face off with to give this season that sense of finality. In my mind, it can only be Simon Escher, the psychotic rogue operative behind the crimes Michael was originally burned for. That means Burn Notice would require Garret Dillahunt to reprise his role.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what he’s doing. EW confirmed Dillahunt’s involvement with the final season, saying he is set to appear in an episode this summer. But wait, wasn’t Simon last seen in Season 4’s “Hard Time,” where he was spending his time inside a maximum security prison? How much trouble could he possibly get into if he’s locked up and far from Michael? I hate to burst your bubble, but Simon is apparently not in prison anymore. Someone has let him out, which means we’ll be getting one last confrontation between Simon and Michael. Who’s to say they’ll be on opposing sides? Surely this show has shown that Simon and Michael aren’t so different in how they’ve been treated by Management.

Any good speculation on what kind of role Simon will have in his final appearance? Will he resurface only to, once again, be captured and put in prison (how many times has he escaped now?) or will he fill a bigger purpose, either fighting Michael to the death or aiding him in some way? At this point, I think it could go either way. Perhaps we’ll get both scenarios – Simon helping Michael only for the two to throw down at the last second.

Burn Notice just recently aired its 100th episode, the week after Season 7’s premiere.