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Californication Season 7 Adds Killer General Hospital Cast Member


General Hospital fans know actor Roger Howarth as Franco, the killer character. We’ll be seeing Howarth in a whole new light when he begins his new, multi-episode arc for Showtime’s Californication. David Duchovny’s Hank Moody returns with season 7 of Californication in 2014 in a season which will have a thing or two to do with writing for television. Might that be a welcomed change for Hank after getting his fill of the music industry?

Heather Graham and Mary Lynn Rajskub will guest star, with Graham playing a mysterious chick from Hank’s past. Rajskub on the other hand, will portray another writer. As we also previously reported, Emmy-winning Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli will be joining the cast as a television producer.

We also heard a rumor that Mercedes Masöhn was cast as someone who has an awkward connection to the season 4 character Sasha Bingham. Well, it will cause Hank some awkwardness at least. Howarth, who is also known for work on One Life To Live will act as a yoga teacher according to Deadline, who helps Natascha McElhone’s Karen with her downward dog. No, seriously, he’s her yoga instructor. I can’t allude to any impropriety because details are few right now. But if I were Hank, I’d be suspicious. Karen and Hank share an on-again/off-again relationship.

On General Hospital, Howarth took over the character originally created and portrayed by James Franco and obviously named for him. The actor also portrayed Professor Gregory Hetson on Dawson’s Creek.

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  1. LEIGH

    June 18, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Has the casting dept of GH gone crazy? Replacing one character would be understandable but it’s very confusing to try to keep up when ‘Todd Manning’ is suddenly ‘Franco’ instead of James Franco, ‘Starr Manning’ is now ‘Lauren Kiki Jerome’ and ‘John McBane’ is now the 3rd look-alike of Ralph’s evil father, and what happened to Julie Berman? I do like the multiple story lines of GH as opposed to the monotonous bed-hopping 6 or 8 cast members of Bold & Beautiful (how did they win so many Emmys?). I am just about ready to stop watching B&B, but will keep watching GH in the hopes that they will smooth out the kinks.

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