Sam Hunter Cinemax

Cinemax has decided it’s not quite done with Hunted despite BBC One’s decision not to pick up the series for a second season. Since Cinemax was only acting as the American distributor of the series, there’s not much that can be done with Hunted as it was, but taking the lead character, Sam Hunter, and starting an entirely new show is completely within the realm of possibility. It’s almost crafty. Cinemax is referring to the new series, simply titled Sam Hunter, as a spinoff, but its easier to think of it as a sequel as it still follows Sam and her story, though you can expect some big changes since the series will be designed for a pay cable network.

This transition wouldn’t really work if Melissa George, who played the gutsy agent Sam in Hunted, weren’t reprising her role. Thankfully, Deadline reports that not only is George returning, but so is creator Frank Spotnitz (The X Files). Sam Hunter will follow Sam as she’s on the run from her former employer with a price on her head. But it’s not only her life she needs to look after, but her daughter’s as well. She’ll be working as a freelance spy to find out who wants her dead and how it connects to the murder of her mother. It sure sounds like a lot of convoluted answers are going to be required to satisfy all of those questions.

Since Cinemax is a pay cable network, Sam Hunter can be edgier than the original series that aired on BBC One. The violence can be stepped on a notch, not to mention all the sex and the twisted stories it can now tell. There’s little you can’t do on a network like Cinemax; the sky is the limit when it comes to content. The racier the better. Currently, Cinemax is looking at doing a four-hour miniseries, which Spotnitz is currently writing. Should that prove successful, perhaps we’ll get another miniseries or a full season.