Falling Skies

You know it’s coming! Falling Skies, season 3 premiers June 9 on TNT and it brings with it more chills and thrills. Today’s new poster art reveals, the threat is more sinister than ever.

When the show returns, seven months have passed since the events of the season 2 finale. As you can guess, plenty can occur within that time frame. A certain baby is on its way thanks to the time lapse. And as you can allude from today’s art, new aliens look just like us. You know, for the most part.

The two-hour season 3 premiere will be adrenaline packed and will see President Tom Mason, Weaver and the troops on an important mission. What they find are the kids who have been used by the Espheni, also called “fishheads” on the show. Can you still call them kids, though? The unfortunate dorsal parasite aids these in transforming into pretty scary soldiers. This is where the new season’s tagline comes into play. “Battle Them Or Become Them.”

What else is new? We’ve heard that the Volm, or “bubbleheads,” have frightening new tech. These are the bad dudes who freshly appeared on Earth in the last season finale.

Here on Boomtron we’ve been giving fans everything they need to survive. We shared the news when Carol Barbee joined the writing team. She previously worked on Fox’s Touch. We also asked whether you had what it takes to join the resistance. If you think you’re made of stern stuff, don’t miss the trainee video. I won’t be watching that one again, thanks.

From executive producer Steven Spielberg, we’re expecting season 3 to be no holds barred. Don’t forget that its one of TNT’s most watched series. You can thank TV Line for the first look at this season 3 art.