Disney Channel Acquires Wolfblood


Are you Team Jacob? Do you find Alcide hotter than Bill and Eric combined? Are Blood and Chocolate and Shiver your favorite novels? If you dig all things werewolf, then prepare yourself for Wolfblood, the freshly acquired pre-teen werewolf property coming to the Disney Channel. Watch your back Teen Wolf.

The live-action drama is a co-production between the U.K. kids channel CBBC, Germany’s ZDF and ZDF Enterprises, but thanks to Disney, the English-language werewolf fantasy is coming to the U.S., to Latin America, to the Middle East and to some selected European countries.

THR described the pre-teen drama as one which follows “the ordinary and extraordinary struggles” of two teens who are “wolfbloods,” which means they can transform from human to wolf form and back again at will.

The series is filmed in northeast England and stars Aimee Kelly as Maddy Smith, our hero and Bobby Lockwood as Rhydian Morris, another wolfblood who is Maddy’s best friend. Louisa Connolly-Burnham and Kedar Williams-Stirling also star.

Thanks to the new deal the first season of Wolfblood will also be available in France, Italy, Spain, Benelux and Russia. Season one consists of 13 episodes.

Season 2 of Wolfblood is currently in production and has a projected premiere date on CBBC of this coming Halloween. What do you think? Does this one smell like a cult hit ready to explode in the United States?

The fantasy series was born in an unusual way. Series creator Debbie Moon was visiting a bookstore when by chance she noticed the words “wolf” and “blood” and put them together in her head. An idea stirred and when the BBC Writersroom website announced an open call for children’s drama scripts, Moon entered her brainchild and the series was commissioned.

Dreams come true! Just consider Mormon soccer mom Stephenie Meyer’s rise to fame.

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