Eastbound & Down HBO

Eastbound & Down’s fourth and final season just got a lot more interesting now that Ken Marino is joining the cast for a major season-long arc. If you haven’t seen Marino in Childrens Hospital or – God forbid – Party Down, then you had better correct your path in life because you can’t possibly get to where you need to go without having seen either of those shows. Both are absolutely made better by the ensemble work done by all actors involved, but Marino has always stood out for his perfect delivery and facial expressions. He could make deforestation funny and that’s a very serious issue.

Deadline reported Marino would be seen in all eight episodes of Season 4, playing Guy Young, a middle-aged athlete still living the high life and partying every weekend. He’ll be the perfect contrast to Danny McBride’s Kenny Powers, who gave up his baseball career to be with his family. Judging by his appearance in every episode, I’d say Marino’s character will be substantial to the story of Season 4, but I’ll get into that a bit later.

Also cast for the final season was Tim Heidecker, who will recur as Gene, a vanilla guy in Kenny’s neighborhood who lacks even a basic sense of humor. Already you should know he and Kenny will not get a long at all.

Season 3 ended with Kenny faking his own death, after finally making it back to the major leagues, so he could run back home to April, the mother of his child. Season 4 will be set several years later with Kenny now living the American Dream with his family in North Carolina. As for the plot of the season, well I sure as heck don’t know what it could be. I imagine Marino’s character will be a painful reminder of everything Kenny gave up and he’ll have to battle his demons and the temptation Marino’s life offers him. I think that’s a safe guess.