Mixlogy ABC

ABC’s Mixology is mixing things up by adding a new series regular to the already bursting cast. The comedy series revolves around the exploits of ten singles – five guys and five girls – as they search for love in a sexy Manhattan bar in the course of one night. At least, it was ten singles before the eleventh cast member was added, shaking things up just enough that the dynamics of some characters might have changed, but the overall concept remains untouched. Everyone is still single and looking to make a connection with another, hopefully, single person. And Frankie Shaw will now be there to make everyone feel extremely awkward.

Have you ever been friends with people who are technically friends but often act like they want to kill each other in inhumane ways, likely with a shot of bloodshed? You know, the ones who speak to each other in sickly sweet tones when their clearly hurling insults back and forth? That’s what we call “frenemies.” Shaw will, according to Deadline, be playing Fabienne, the fremeny of Jessica (Alexis Carra). So while everyone else is looking for a man or woman to date, these two will spit passive-aggressive conversation, making everyone else wonder “Why the hell are these two friends?”

Fabienne is a gorgeous, stylish, chic force of nature. She never married and has a successful fashion line. But underneath all of that, she’s really just jealous of Jessica’s personal life. I’m not sure what she has to be jealous of. Jessica is an aggressive single mom. I suppose she might wish she were a mom as well. Since she’s successful, she probably wouldn’t mind being a single mom; she certainly wouldn’t need to rely on a man to help pay the bills.

The rest of the cast includes Blake Lee, Andrew Santino, Kate Simses, Adam Campbell, Craig Frank, Vanessa Lengies, Sarah Bolger, Ginger Gonzaga and Adan Canto.