Sullivan & Son TBS

The Big Bang Theory couldn’t hide star Kunal Nayyar’s inherent ability to pick up women for long – even his character, Raj Koothrappali eventually got over his muteness around the opposite sex. But since BBT isn’t the type of show to ever let Raj become the ladies man I know he could be, Nayyar is taking his talents elsewhere for a spell. He’s joining Sullivan & Son’s second season for a guest spot that will show a side of him we’ve never seen before. It will be glorious and completely change the way we see Nayyar. For him, it’ll be like he isn’t even acting.

According to TV Guide, Nayyar will be playing a bar patron on the TBS comedy, who thinks of himself as the ultimate ladies man because, let’s be honest, he totally is. No name was given to the character; a clear indicator Nayyar is merely acting as himself. Let’s set the stage for what will going down in the episode: Steve (Steve Byrne) is throwing the bar’s first-ever “Ladies Night.” The place is packed with eager women getting their drink drank drunk on. Enter Nayyar. He scans the room, locating all the ladies he plans on making moves on, making a mental list in descending order from hottest to nottest.

What’s Nayyar’s game plan? Simple: approach every woman on his list and hit on her, using a different personality for each target. It’s the smartest plan in the world. If word circulates that some arrogant prick with a cockney accent is making a fool of himself, no problem. You’ve already moved on to your Australian surfer personality. No one could possibly know you’re the creepy, pragmatic nihilist who struck out with the hot brunette by the jukebox.

Nayyar’s episode will air later this summer. Season 2 premieres Thursday, June 13. Keep an eye out for Nayyar and have a pen and paper ready to take notes. This guy’s a ladykiller.