Ravenswood ABC Family

With Pretty Little Liars being so popular, curiosity for its first spinoff, Ravenswood, is at a peak. What’s this new series going to be like and why is Tyler Blackburn’s Caleb Rivers the only Liars regular transferring over? Liars executive producer Marlene King gave us those answers and more. Since she’s overseeing both shows with fellow EP Oliver Goldstick, she’s the one to go to with any questions.

Speaking with THR, King explained Caleb is moving on because of how little he knows about his past and parents. It was felt he was the best character to be uprooted and sent to explore the mysteries surrounding the new world set up in Ravenswood. Everything will be introduced in the seventh episode of Liars’ fourth season. “Toby (Keegan Allen) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) will take us to Ravenswood,” said King. “They will follow a clue that will take them [to the new town].” The town of Ravenswood, which has suffered from a deadly curse for generations, will be immediately different from Rosewood, Penn. Toby and Spencer soon realize the town isn’t right, calling it “Creepytown.”

Since the towns of Ravenswood and Rosewood exist in the same universe, at some point the timelines of the two series will overlap and we’ll get an epic crossover. It might be a little jarring for Liars’ fans to suddenly have to deal with supernatural elements like deadly curses, but it might also be a lot of fun to shake things up in such a monumental way so long as, aside from crossovers, the shows stay within their respective boundaries. I don’t want to see Liars suddenly dabbling in magic.

Ravenswood, along with Blackburn, stars Brett Dier, Elizabeth Whitson, Nicole Gale Anderson, Britne Oldford and Merritt Patterson. These five new regulars play five strangers connected by the town’s curse and will dig into the town’s mysterious and terrible history before it’s too late for all of them. The show will debut following Liars’ Halloween episode.