The Leftovers HBO

Justin Theroux’s family in HBO’s The Leftovers has almost been completely cast with the latest addition leaving me anxious to see what kind of problems the remaining family member will cause Theroux’s Kevin Garvey. While the Rapture may have come and gone, and not in the way we expected it to, it seems our children will still behave like rebellious little snots. “Oh you know, the world ended and all, but I’m going to continue being a thorn in my dad’s side because I’m an emotionally immature brat who thinks he has all the answers.” That is literally what I hear whenever characters like Kevin’s son open their mouths. And it certainly doesn’t help Chris Zylka was cast in the role. He’s too pretty for his own good.

According to THR, Zylka’s time playing Tom Garvey, Kevin’s estranged son, will be spent taking refuge with a mysterious guru. That’s about all we know about this kids life post-Rapture. We know he was in college but had dropped out – I’m sure his dad was thrilled – and I think it’s safe to presume that decision is what led to him being labeled as estranged. I’m sure there were some harsh words spoken between father and son and Tom walked out, likely not too long before the freaking Rapture happened, leaving him out on his own in a changed world. But because he’s too proud, he decided not to reunite with his family, opting to stay with this guru.

Making matters worse for Kevin, who really just wants to maintain any kind of normalcy, his wife Laurie (played by Amy Brenneman) thought it would be a sound plan to leave her husband and children and join a cult! Between a crazy wife and an estranged son, what are the chances Kevin’s other child is rational enough not to run off and do something stupid?

The Leftovers is an adaptation of Tom Perrotta’s book of the same name from Lost’s Damon Lindelof.