I love, love, love Neil Cross’ BBC America drama, Luther, and that makes me one lucky girl because today’s the day we unveil a brand spanking new Luther, season 3 trailer! The intrepid star, Idris Elba, is back and this time his battle hardened copper has a new foe and a new love interest to tango with. Check it out!

Luther earned Elba the 2012 Golden Globe for Best Actor. The crime series returns this September, which means I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for episodes to hit Netflix. When it returns, Luther will be embroiled in the investigation of two conflicting crimes. His work becomes all the harder when a ruthless ex-cop pursues a personal vendetta against our hero. It is one other than Scottish actor David O’Hara playing this nemesis. You know him from Braveheart and The Departed.

To distract him from all the ugliness, is a beauty, Resident Evil and Love Actually actress Sienna Guillory. Her character Mary works in a vintage clothing shop and meets Luther by chance. But you know Luther. Mary may seem like a very rare chance for happiness and the one not corrupt thing around him, but Luther is a bit self-destructive. Can the ugly and the beautiful dwell together? Can those two worlds mesh? Luther deals with psychopaths on the regular. In the season one finale, for instance, one such psycho murdered Zoe, Luther’s ex-wife and the love of his life.

Don’t forget, in the second season of Luther, our favorite cop struggled to give Jenny, the young former adult performer acted by Aimee Ffion Edwards, a new and normal life. He has a weakness for the lass, but being a father is hard enough when you’re actually related to a trouble teen, let alone just trying to rescue a troubled girl.

Luther returns September 3rd through the 7th at 10pm on BBC America.