Californication Showtime

Yet another woman is entering Hank’s life on the next season of Californication and will likely cause him no ends of trouble. But you can’t say the man doesn’t have good taste – the women he involves himself with are usually quite stunning. And that’s why we watch Californication, right? For the attractive ladies! And I’ll be damned if Mercedes Masöhn isn’t one of the most gorgeous actresses to grace our televisions. I’m going to need a cold shower just after writing about her. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for anyone who gets to spend real, physical time with her. But that’s enough gushing for now, let’s talk about what sort of role she’ll be playing in the upcoming seventh season.

At the moment, it’s only looking like Masöhn will be around for a short period of time – she’s only set to guest star in one episode – but there’s a chance her part might be expanded to more episodes. She’ll be playing Amy Taylor Walsh; a TV star whose pleas for Hank’s help puts him in an uncomfortable, compromising position. Hmm, I wonder what sort of position we’re talking about here. Perhaps it has to do with this character’s past. TVLine said Amy has ties to fellow actress, Sarah Bingham, who was played by Addison Timlin in Season 4. Will that connection become important or is it just a fun fact, an icebreaker as she first introduces herself to Hank?

Masöhn’s other TV credits include the short-lived 666 Park Avenue and The Finder. Clearly, broadcast networks weren’t doing her any favors, so she turned to premium cable. Well, we welcome you with open arms. You might be asked to show a bit more skin than you would on ABC or Fox, but that’s the price you pay for getting to do more groundbreaking work.

Californication’s seventh season is set to drop in 2014.